Youth Savings (Future Millionaires Account)

Youth Savings

Get a Head start on savings. You are never too young to start saving money and planning for tomorrow. That is why GESRO offers you a transactional savings account that equally earns you an attractive interest.

This account is specially designed for persons from Basic school up to Senior High school Level and aimed at cultivating the habit of savings in the young ones for a better life tomorrow.

• Any amount can be saved at any time.
• Interest is calculated semiannually or annually. Watch your money grow!
• Allow a maximum of two (2) withdrawals from the savings account monthly.
• No charges on the withdrawals within the given range.
• Instant text message alert on all transactions upon subscription.
• Free GESRO souvenir from time to time.
• Free registration fee.
• The account can still be operated even after completion of school.

• To inculcate the co-operative savings habit into the Youth
• To help the youth mobilise resources for entrepreneurial venture
• To provide cost-free convenience phase for them to save
• To help develop self-dependence attitude into the Youth

• Best/Regular savers can gain sponsorship for their fees or can be awarded with other school materials ( Books, mathematical sets, etc)
• ATM access will be provided upon subscription.
• Text / Email alert and visa card will be given.

Why Save?

Cash can be used to:
- Pay ones school fees if Parents are not yet ready.
- Register for examinations.
- Buy important books or school materials.
- Buy admission forms for entering into Tertiary Institutions.
- Start small scale businesses.

Student will also learn the following:
• Free Leadership Training
• Free Accounting Training
• Free Managerial Training

Basic Facts
• Acquire and grow up with savings habit. • Learn to manage scarce financial resources. • Learn to empower yourself financially. • Start building your future today. • Learn to live a healthy life now.

How can the Youth get money to save?
• By saving the few cedis that are left in the student pocket after school.
• By minimizing telephone calls and buying airtime (Credits).
• By walking to school if it is a short distance.
• By saving part of money given by visitors as gifts.
• By saving money from holiday jobs.

Account Opening Requirement
• Should be from Basic school up to Senior High Level.
• Any valid National photo ID or Student ID card.
• Initial deposit amount.
• Free passport size picture taken at the GESRO branch.
• Completed application form

Savings Account

Savings Accounts

GESRO Co-operative Credit Union helps its members to cultivate the habit of saving for their future.

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