MB Business Account

MB Business Account

This account has been created for mobile banking customers only. It allows customers to deposit their end of day sales safely and withdraw them whenever they want without any difficulty.

At your convenience, our staff will come to your shop, store or office to receive your deposit and give you receipt just as at the banking hall.

The account makes it easier for business men and women who buy or restock their shops every two weeks or monthly to have access to their cash, and serves as a separate 'ready to buy account'.

This account does not attract interest since any amount can be withdrawn at any time.

Account holders who want to earn interest could easily inform the office to transfer that amount into Gold Investment Account.

• Account holders can withdraw any amount whenever they want.
• Instant cash is given.
• The account can be used to guarantee for a loan.
• Withdrawal can be done even when customers have loan with different account and account has not been used as security or collateral for a loan.
• This account does not attract charges when withdrawing.
• It allows customers to save differently as they pay their loan in the existing mobile banking account.
• No monthly transfers of money into another account.
• It allows customers to save differently as they are paying their loan in the other accounts.

Savings Account

Savings Accounts

GESRO Co-operative Credit Union helps its members to cultivate the habit of saving for their future.

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