Child Savings

Child Savings

Every Member of GESRO can open this account for his/her Child under eighteen (18) years. The Parent or Guardian who opens such account shall have the mandate to withdraw from it on behalf of the Child. The Parent or Guardian shall come along to save with the Child if possible, to inculcate the habit of savings.

The child shall ONLY have the mandate to operate the account when he/she attains eighteen (18) years.

The minimum monthly deposit of the account shall be Ten Ghana Cedis (GHS 10.00) or more.

This account shall attract interest, but CANNOT be used to access loans.

The GESRO Child savings account offers you an attractive product specifically designed for your Child. All the family can participate - Grandparents, Godparents, Friends and Relatives can all contribute to your little one's savings pot. Great for birthday, Christmas gifts or as a gift package for any special day of the Child.

Give your child a financial head start from as little as two Ghana cedi (GHS 2.00) a day, or a minimum of Ten Ghana Cedis (GHS 10.00) monthly.

A secure and happy future is what everyone wants for the Child in life, GESRO just bring you closer!!!

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GESRO Co-operative Credit Union helps its members to cultivate the habit of saving for their future.

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