Our Membership

To qualify for membership:
• You should be 18 years and above.
• Must be of a sound mind and proven integrity.
• Should be earning regular income.

How to join:
Visit a branch location today, pick up a form and register with:

• Any valid National photo ID (voters ID, drivers licenses, passport, NHIS)
• One passport size picture (To be taken free at the banking hall)
• Pay a non-refundable entrance fee
• Buy a minimum share
• Do a regular monthly savings
• Begin enjoying all the benefits of membership

A member shall be required to give at least, ninety (90) days notice on his/her intention to resign from membership of the Credit Union subject to conditions in Article 37 of the Credit Union’s Bye-Laws.

Where it is necessary to withdraw before the ninety (90) days, a charge shall be deducted from the money to be paid.



Whatever the contribution, once you are a Member, the door is open to a world of opportunities that makes achieving your goals a lot easier...

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