Credit limitation:
The total loans granted Members at any period shall not exceed 80% of the Net Worth of the Credit Union.
Net Worth means total shares, savings and reserves.
This is set up to ensure that the Credit Union maintains sufficient operational funds.

Limitation Per Member
The limit per Member for loan application will be determined by the result of the analysis of the loan using the 5C’s (as explained below) as the lending criteria.

These are:
• CHARACTER (Integrity of the member based on past history)
• CAPACITY (Ability to pay/ cash flow / Net income)
• COLLATERAL (Security on the Loan)
• CAPITAL (Members savings balance)
• CONDITION (Members’ qualification for that particular Loan)

GESRO operates six (6) types of LOANS which includes the following:
1. Long Term Loan (Normal)
2. Short Term Loan
3. Special Loan
4. Funeral Loan
5. Salary Loan
6. MF Loan

All loans shall attract a Loan protection Plan (LPP) and a Loan processing fee (LPF) of 2% (subject for a review as and when necessary) of the amount approved which shall be paid in CASH before the loan is given.



Whatever the contribution, once you are a Member, the door is open to a world of opportunities that makes achieving your goals a lot easier...

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