Gold Investments


This product is a Fixed Deposit account, which is available to all Members to invest lump sum of money with the union from a minimum of Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHS 500.00) for a fixed period of time. This could be quarterly (91 days), half yearly(182 days) or yearly (365 days).

Matured investment shall be reinvested unless prior notification to redeem the investment is received.

NB: This account cannot be used to apply for a loan. However, if the applicant insists on using it to guarantee for his/her loan, the certificate to redeem the investment MUST be released as security until the loan is paid off.
Again, if a Member wishes to terminate the investment in order to use it to access a loan, the funds transferred to the savings account, shall be allowed to stay in the account for three (3) months minimum before.



Changing your habit of spending to save gives you a sound financial security and freedom and also the ability to develop your life gradually.

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