Our Code Of Conduct

Ethics - We will be well informed in the regulations, rules, and compliance issues that apply to Credit Unions around the world. We will apply this knowledge to our conduct as responsible employees and volunteers of GESRO and will adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do.

Excellence - The pursuit of superior performance infuses every GESRO activity. We will excel at meeting challenging commitments even as we achieve total Member satisfaction. We will demonstrate Leadership by advancing new technologies; innovative products development and service delivery techniques, enhanced Member service, inspired Management, and the application of best practices throughout our Organization. Each of us leads through our individual contributions to GESRO Co-operative Credit Union's core purpose.

Can Do - We will demonstrate individual leadership through positive approach to every task, a "can –do" spirit, and a restless determination to continually improve upon our personal best. We will aggressively pursue new opportunities, determined to add value for our Members with ingenuity, determination and a positive attitude, we will utilize our ability to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every new opportunity and every new challenge.

People - Outstanding people make GESRO Co-operative Credit Union unique. Success in this rapidly changing market requires that we continuously learn and grow as individuals and as an Organization. We will embrace lifelong learning through individual initiative, combined with GESRO Co-operative Credit Union-sponsored education and development programmes, as well as challenging work growth opportunities

Teamwork – We will multiply the creativity, talents, and contribution of both individual and businesses by focusing on team goals. Our teams will assume collective accountability of their actions, share trust and leadership, embrace diversity and accept responsibility for prudent risk-taking. Each of us succeeds individually, when we as a team achieve success.

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Savings Accounts

GESRO Co-operative Credit Union helps its members to cultivate the habit of saving for their future.

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